4 Little Changes That Will Help Freshen Your Home

Are you rethinking your home’s interior? You may not have time or room in the budget to do a full-home makeover, but there are tiny changes you can make here and there that come together to form a fresher, more vibrant space that will liven up your day-to-day activities.

Let’s take a look at a few easy, budget-friendly ways you can recreate your home environment that will have you loving your space again.


1. Maintain your temple (clean it!).

First, take the time to clean the most-trafficked areas of your home. Clutter can cause cortisol levels to increase, and the space you spend most of your time needs to be a sanctuary because the outside world is stressful enough. You should address any issues now in order to create a more positive, healing, and healthy atmosphere in this sanctuary. Clutter takes the form of physical items as well as mental issues — and both need to be addressed so you can feel centered in your home.

Decluttering is an important task not just for maintaining your own anxiety, but for helping improve the moods and stress levels of your children, as well. Getting the toys and junk out of the way can improve creativity in your children, as well. It also prevents overstimulation, as children can get out one thing at a time and not be paralyzed by too many choices.

You can even get the children involved in the decluttering process. Allowing them this amount of agency in their lives at a young age gives them a taste of independence for when they’re older — and the responsibility that comes with that independence.


2. Freshen the decor.

Even if the funds and the time aren’t there to completely renovate your living space, changing one or two things about the decor can add a fresh feeling. For instance, investing in removable and recyclable wallpaper can give the space the individuality you’ve been looking for. You can even order a test swatch of wallpaper to ensure you love the pattern in your space. You can also hang new pictures, paint the room a new color, or hang a new photo or two — anything to liven up your home.


3. Move furniture around.

When you look at the same configurations daily, you may start to become bored with the layout of your home. Even if you’re not actively bored, moving around furniture in your home has mental health impacts. Researchers have noted that movement-based creative expression is beneficial for your mental health, and moving furniture around — creating a “new” space in your home — can be part of that.


4. Add some green to your scene.

Adding some small plants to your space is another way to liven up the atmosphere — literally. They add color and vibrance to any room, and there are several kinds of plants that don’t take that much effort to maintain. Bamboo, in particular, is fun to take care of with just a little effort, water, and care — something the kids will be excited about, as well. (Just be sure to research which plants are okay to have if there are animals or curious toddlers in your home.)

Is money too tight for a full-home makeover? Take heart! With a little ingenuity, you don’t have to live in the same, old, boring space as in the past. Making these small, budget-friendly changes can bring a little sunshine and freshness to your home.

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By: Jackie Waters
August 16, 2021


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