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If you need funding to purchase a new investment property or you want to refinance the building you already own, Lucrum can help you secure the most attractive financing available.

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Don’t miss out due to inadequate or unavailable financing

If you are uncertain about how to obtain the most beneficial funding this could come at a steep cost. We know matching the right opportunity with the right lender can get complicated.

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Get access to reliable capital

Our specialized team helps you eliminate the uncertainty and offers everything you need to obtain the best financing available.

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We discuss your needs, objectives and vision.

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We assist you in establishing a carefully tailored action plan.

3. Achieve your goals

We help you realize your desired results.

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Simple, reliable and timely access to capital markets

Benefit from our connections to trustworthy financial institutions and private funding sources. This way you can secure the best capital available to maximize your investment.

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Thank you for always helping me secure the best financing available for my multifamily portfolio and helping me grow my real estate holdings over the past several years!

Andreas Molina