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A lot is at stake and you deserve service provided by trusted leaders in the marketplace. Whether you need to sell or buy a property, Lucrum has you covered.

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Many agents don’t have access to investment real estate data resources or simply don’t know how to properly interpret the information. Others just promise more than they can deliver.

We believe that feeling comfortable and trusting your broker should be the norm, not the exception.

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Successful real estate transactions are the result of strong alliances. Benefit from our partnerships and leverage our knowledge to strengthen your investments.

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Our Services

Valuation & Advisory

We advise you on value, pricing, exit strategies and other on-demand services.

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Commercial Real Estate

Get professional advice to make the right decisions and maximize your investments.

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Multifamily Investments

Whether you need help selling one apartment building or your entire portfolio, we can help you.

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Luxury Home Sales

We protect your privacy and time so that you can focus on what matters most in your life.

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1031 Exchange

Find a property that has a better return or reset the depreciation clock on your real estate.

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Capital Markets

We help you secure the best capital available to maximize your investment.

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Rapid Offer

Get a hassle-free rapid offer from a carefully vetted investor at market value.

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Legacy Partner

For seasoned and highly qualified investors who deserve access to the best assets available.

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Affiliated Services

Gain access to third-party vendors such as property management and 1031 Exchange accommodators.

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