AAGLA Statement on Defeating Prop. 21

The Ballot Measure to Vastly Expand Rent Control Has Been Soundly Defeated

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – November 4, 2020: Proposition 21, the badly flawed ballot initiative has been defeated by an overwhelming majority of California voters announced the Apartment Association of Greater Los Angeles.  Like its predecessor and “evil twin” of just two years ago, Proposition 10, Proposition 21 was soundly defeated by a large majority of California’s voters.  If it had passed, Proposition 21 would have imposed irreversible and adverse impacts on rental housing throughout the state.  Daniel Yukelson, Executive Director of the Apartment Association of Greater Los Angeles stated:

“Proposition 21’s proposed, extreme price controls on virtually all of California’s rental properties would have exasperated our already existing housing shortages and affordability issues.  The proposal would not have created even one unit of new housing, let alone a unit of affordable housing.  Had Proposition 21 passed, it would have been nothing more than a ‘bankruptcy bill’ for the rental housing industry here in California.”

The effort to defeat Proposition 21 took the collective efforts of rental property owners and real estate professionals throughout California.  Many sacrificed and gave generously to the efforts of the Apartment Association of Greater Los Angeles’ opposition campaign despite struggling today to collect rent during the pandemic under punishing eviction moratoriums.  Millions of dollars were raised throughout the state to defeat Proposition 21, and locally, nearly $1.0 million was raised to not only support statewide opposition efforts, but also to fund grass-roots efforts for the purchase of lawn signs and billboards throughout the Greater Los Angeles Area.

Executive Director Yukelson further stated, “I want to thank each and every one of our members that supported our efforts to defeat Proposition 21.  From those who helped to distribute lawn signs, to a group of member advocates that organized the purchase and installation of ‘Vote No Prop. 21’ banners, to our members that gave generously from as little as $50 on up to $100,000, I thank you for your strong support of our advocacy efforts.  We did it!”

While we can celebrate this strong victory and the demise of Proposition 21, our efforts to oppose the seemingly never ending and harmful regulations that impact California’s rental housing providers is ongoing.  It is important that our members and rental property owners throughout the Greater Los Angeles region continue to support the advocacy efforts of the Apartment Association of Greater Los Angeles.  We ask all rental property owners to continue their support and to give to our AAGLA Issues Political Action Committee at www.aagla.org/issuespac and to our Legal Fund at www.aagla.org/legalfund.

The Apartment Association is always there to lend support and for the protection of its members’ interests by monitoring and aggressively fighting back against all types of harmful regulations.  The Apartment Association of Greater Los Angeles promotes the highest levels of professionalism within the rental housing industry.  It accomplishes this objective by offering a wide array of educational seminars and member events throughout each year, by providing expert operational advice available daily, and by supplying and maintaining virtually every conceivable agreement form and notice rental housing providers require to successfully own and manage rental properties. The Association also serves as a powerful advocate and lobbyist for rental housing providers at the local, county, state, and federal levels of government.  Owning and operating rental housing today has become a highly regulated industry, and accordingly, owning and managing rental property has become far more challenging and riskier than ever before. Without an organization such as the Apartment Association of Greater Los Angeles, there would be no other voice fighting for the rights of property owners within city halls, county offices, and at state and federal capitols. AAGLA IS THE VOICE THAT EFFECTS CHANGE!

CalRHA Prop 21 Media Statement FINAL 11/03/20

Source: AAGLA

November 12, 2020

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