Delaware Statutory Trust: Stress-Free 1031 Exchange Option

The below points summarize why selling your property and exchanging into a Delaware Statutory Trust (also known as a “DST”) could be an ideal solution to benefit from a Seller’s market and eliminate tenant headaches while maintaining the advantages of passive income and appreciation.

You deserve to benefit from a Seller’s market & eliminate the fear of securing a quality replacement property.

We can help you sell your property for a premium and complete a stress-free 1031 Exchange along with the help of our DST specialists. Having the option to invest in institutional-grade properties owned by professionally managed DSTs is a solution to get top dollar for your property without the worry of tax consequences, limited options, and tight timelines.

With DSTs you can maximize your options and eliminate surprises by implementing any one of several plans customized to your needs.

You can identify a DST as your primary, secondary or tertiary option for completing your 1031 Exchange.

You no longer need to be concerned about securing financing.

DSTs eliminate the need for you to have to secure a loan.

Eliminate the concern of paying capital gains taxes on the “boot”.

With DSTs the minimum investment required is $100,000. This is a great way to 1031 Exchange any remaining gain not placed in another property.

DSTs provide quality assets & portfolio diversification across the nation.

Get access to institutional-grade assets and management. Benefit from creating freedom while enjoying passive income and appreciation.

DSTs are an excellent retirement & estate planning option.

Aside from retiring from property management, you can simplify the inheritance process for your heirs by removing the pressure involved in deciding what to do with an investment property after a loved one has passed. Heirs still receive a step-up in basis at the time of death and they can choose to cash out at the time the DST is sold, exchange on their own, or continue with the DST.

At Lucrum Real Estate Group our commercial team handles all asset classes from duplexes to shopping centers and office buildings. We provide advisory, as well as personalized commercial and luxury real estate sales services.

If you are interested in learning about your property’s full market value including ADU potential, contact our Team today for a no-cost Valuation Analysis.

By: JP Vines
February 24, 2021

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