Room For Improvement: Keeping Your Living Space Fresh During The Pandemic

This article is written by Katie Conroy.

During the pandemic, we’ve spent more time than ever at home. That’s why it’s important to ensure that your living space promotes wellness and calm. If you’re beginning to feel stuffy or a little bored of the usual layout, Lucrum offers some tips to mix things up and refresh your domestic habitat.


If you’re lucky enough to have an outdoor area, a couple of quick landscaping adjustments can make all the difference to your home’s ambiance. For some added color in your front yard, try adding perennial flowers – these can persist year after year and don’t have to break the bank. If you’re based in colder northern states, Catmint or Bleeding Heart are durable and bring variety. If you’re based down south, you might like a tall-growing, warm weather Hellebore or some Butterfly Brush. You might even try accompanying your new flower bed with some scenic rocks or boulders – often a cheap purchase and easy to install, just drop them where you think they’ll look best.

If you’re looking to make some more significant changes to your garden space, it might be worth looking into landscaping design. These days, it’s possible to mock up virtual designs using 3D rendering and plan a new look for your yard without ever even having to meet. It can also help to enlist someone who knows local contractors and how to negotiate with trade persons.


When trying to create a positive ambiance, you can never overestimate the importance of lighting. Natural daylight provides the softest, most diffused light, and some studies point to the positive mental benefits of large windows and expansive views. After the sun goes down, however, you’re reliant on artificial sources. If you’re not sure where to start, it’s worth going over the bulb options and the effects that different bulbs can have on energy efficiency, productivity, and mood. LED bulbs, for example, come in a number of colors and are also eco-friendly and better for the environment.

It’s also important to match the light source to the room. Whereas warmer yellow/orange light can help you to relax and settle down for the evening, harsh blue or white lights are conducive for work and productivity. Remember that a bare bulb creates harsh shadows and is a strain on the eye – a lampshade or light fitting will help to diffuse and inform ambiance by changing the color/intensity of the beam.


Simple as it may sound, moving things around is a great way to keep your home feeling fresh. Clearing clutter is the number one and easiest step you can take right now. It’s also worth assessing the room itself and seeing whether a strategically rotated sofa or bookcase could open up some more neutral space. A spacious room is a spacious mind.

If, after all the above, you’re still struggling to get on with your home, then you may need to take some drastic action. Remodeling or renovating can be costly and you’ll often need the help of professional builders. If your savings don’t cover the bill, it’s worth thinking about refinancing the home itself for a lower interest rate and securing lower mortgage payments.

Extra Pizzazz

The final step to enlivening your living space is to add some decor and maybe even new tech. A statement piece for your living room like a wall-size painting or an original sculpture coordinated with new paint colors or a unique rug can bring the wow factor. Or turn your living room into the ultimate entertainment spot. A new 4K or QLED TV, surround sound and a quality AV receiver can make movie night a new family favorite.

If you’re feeling moody during the pandemic, there’s every chance it’s due to your immediate environment. A couple of quick changes to your living space can make all the difference and shouldn’t cost you the world, either.

If your home refresh has inspired you to list your property, turn to the experts at Lucrum to help you get the best price and find your new dream home.


By: Lucrum
March 14, 2022


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