Thinking About Investing in Commercial Real Estate? Leverage These 4 Must-Use Strategies

Have you considered investing in or starting your own commercial real estate business but do not know much about the industry? This is a common challenge that many successful business professionals face when looking ahead to their next big project. Thankfully, you do not have to know much about commercial real estate to get started with your new venture. Instead, you can leverage your business know-how to dive into this highly profitable industry.

If you are determined to start and operate a thriving commercial real estate investment or full-time business, explore four beginner strategies from Lucrum.


Before you start browsing available properties in your chosen location(s), ask yourself this question: What is your main driver to enter this industry? Is it the profitability or you just want to take pride in it? Do you have a genuine passion for real estate? Are you looking to transition out of your current career into real estate? Whatever your answer is, write it down. All these whys will help you set specific and measurable concrete goals for your new business because without them, there are high chances that you are just burning your budget to ashes.

If your “why” is driven by the want to create a passive income, then create defined goals. How much do you want to make in passive income? What does your timeline look like (e.g., one year, five years)? The more specific and defined these are, the likelihood to produce a more favorable outcome.


If you are reading this, chances are that you are already at the zenith of your business career. You have gained the experience, abilities, and education needed to get promoted, receive generous raises, and reach the top of your industry. Now, it is time to use that strength for your to also become a real estate pundit.

When starting a small business in California, you likely know that all the important steps needed to get the ball rolling. This includes forming a Limited Liability Company or also called as “LLC”, creating impeccable branding elements, filing for all required permits and licenses, and the like. Just because you are starting in a new industry does not mean that you must feel intimidated. Take the confidence and expertise you have already acquired and use it to your advantage.


An essential part of starting a business in a new industry is knowing what you don’t know. If you have never taken courses in how to find quality investment properties, and what to do with them once purchased, leaning on a team of commercial real estate experts is a wise move.

In Southern California, Lucrum is the region’s best with decades of representation experience, helping countless find incredible properties at amazing prices. Rather than browsing listings on your own and making your best guesses, get in touch with Lucrum right away.


Following through your initial move, you need to also set long-term goals for your business. Where do you want to be in 5, 10, or even 15 years? Do you want to stay small, or expand into a multi-million (or billion) dollar organization? Start envisioning what the future of your business will look like and work on creating a path toward those goals.

It may feel daunting at first, but now-experts must have felt the same before making it to the top tier. By recruiting a team of professionals, banking on your current knowledge, and setting forth a clear vision, you have already set foot towards your real estate journey towards your way to the top.

Plenty of business professionals have successfully transitioned into the world of commercial real estate, and your time could be now. Need more thoughts from the experts? Hear them by requesting your consultation today in Lucrum.

Lucrum is Southern California’s top-tier provider of commercial and luxury real estate services. Rely on the team that will deliver exceptional representation, effective solutions, and unparalleled service.

If you need a little help navigating through this dynamic market, Lucrum offers many services that can help you maximize your investment property’s cash flow, value & equity.

We can also help you source a qualified Buyer at maximum value for your property on your terms and timeline. We guarantee a professional stress-free experience.

Contact us today!

By: Andrea Needham
June 14, 2021


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